New Product/Service Optimization

Diagram of innovation assessment

Launching a new product is like launching a rocket. It requires coordination, understanding, insight, teamwork, and creativity at every phase of the project.

Qualitatively or quantitatively, MSG has worked with companies in building a plan that assists in bringing new products to market. For over 15 years we have assisted with over 200 new product programs. From early stages in the concept development to post-launch evaluations we roll up our sleeves and work with clients to develop the best approach to meet the business objectives. MSG is not big on proprietary methodologies. New product development is hard enough without complicating it with “secret tool box” research tools. Our job is to provide our clients with clearly defined options with clearly defined outcomes.

Qualitatively, MSG has extensive experience in focus groups, or one-on-one in-depth interviews. We take pride in being creative to get the most effective results. Mind-maps, online surveys prior to the groups, or fun techniques to engage the participants takes the discussion to the next level.

Conjoint Analysis, Discreet Choice, Max Diff, or traditional surveys are tools of the trade, and MSG assists clients in utilizing these tools at appropriate times in the new product development process. Clients have to stay focused on all the details of “launching the rocket”, and need to rely on a partner that can handle the key research requirements. That is where we can help.

Regardless of the “tools”, it is about working closely with clients to understand their challenges and find ways to reduce the risk associated with new product development. If you are building something and need help, give us a call.

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