The higher the emotional/rational engagement, the higher probability of business success. Highly engaged customers are more willing to pay premium prices, are more loyal, and are more profitable to the organization. Highly engaged employees are more productive, and have positive interactions with customers: all producing a more competitive organization.

For true customer and employee engagement to occur, there must be alignment between the employees, customers, and brand.

Employees Personal Alignment
Perceptions of Customer Alignment
} Corporate Brand
Customers Customer Alignment with Client Brand
Customer Alignment with competitors

MSG Research & Consulting has developed a comprehensive approach that combines a systematic approach to design, measurement, reporting brand engagement and alignment, as well as approaches to integrating it as a tool for corporate measurement.

The process combines the importance of understanding both employee and customer engagement with the brand. Ask MSG how to measure employee and customer brand alignment and engagement.


Ultimately the process must understand the overall level of engagement with the brand, gaps, and key factors that influence higher engagement. Ask MSG how to measure brand engagement.

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