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Dental professionals work in an evolving industry. As innovations around the world continue to advance, dentistry is becoming more efficient and precise than ever before. From diagnostics to treatment, dental professionals are looking for industry trends and relevant research to further enhance their patients’ overall experience.

At Dental Research Specialists, we have over 25 years of experience in dental marketing and research. Our team has supported manufacturers in launching new products in the consumer and health care markets. We also have dental marketing experience to assist dental organizations in understanding customer expectations and market opportunities.

Types of Dental Research We Offer

Customer Experience

Customer Experience focuses on the relationship between your brand and your clients. Why is it important? Positive customer experience is a way of standing out from competitors, so it’s important to understand what perception your customers have about your brand.

Customer Experience Research means something different to all of our clients. That’s why we offer a wide range of research services to assist clients in understanding customer expectations. Dental Research Specialists has experience in all aspects of the customer journey and provides research services for every step of the journey.


Our team has extensive experience in providing qualitative input at the first stage of the journey. Using research methods that focus on gathering data through open-ended and conversational communication, the team can understand “what” dental professionals think and “why” they think so. Focus groups or one-on-one interviews are often the starting point to begin to understand what drives the customer experience journey.


Once the journey has been defined, the team has expertise in quantifying the key components that make up the customer experience. Analyzing the key components, the team can help clients prioritize areas that are most important in providing a World Class experience for customers.

High Level or Transactional:

The team has experience in understanding the key components that influence a World Class Experience. We also have expertise in the involvement of ongoing transactional tracking.

Market Assessment

Sometimes your business simply needs customer input. It’s an invaluable resource that you might need when exploring a new market opportunity or understanding the leading competitors. Perhaps you need to define a better sales process or simply follow up on a new product launch.

At any rate, obtaining customer input is key to ensuring that the product being developed is focused on customer needs.

The Dental Research Specialists team has extensive experience in market assessments. We combine our business and marketing experience to develop a methodology that best meets with the business problem and the budget of our clients. The team customizes our research methodologies to efficiently and confidently get the best answer for our clients.

The three most common customer input methodologies are online surveys, small focus groups, or one-on-one discussions.

New Product Support

The Dental Research Specialists team has over 25 years of experience in launching new products in the consumer and health care markets. The team has supported or managed the launch of hundreds of new products. The new product research team combines marketing research and practical new product launch experience to provide a perspective uniquely different from other research firms.

New Product Support Services:

  • Market Exploration
  • Concept Testing
  • Product Optimization
  • In Market Product Tests & Evaluations
  • Brand Analysis
  • Price Optimization
  • Advertisement & Message Testing
  • Post Launch Evaluations


Dental Research Specialists has provided consulting support to Fortune 100 companies on how to develop or improve the end-to-end process of developing new products.


Dental Research Specialists provide end-to-end support on new products from concept testing through post launch analysis. In each phase, both qualitative and quantitative services are provided.

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