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Make a difference and improve patient care. Let your voice be heard.

Think of the last new product you tried. Did you ever say to yourself, “I wish they would have asked for my opinion before developing this product. I could have improved it!” Or maybe you wish you could convince dental distributors to provide certain services to help your practice? Perhaps you’re frustrated with poor customer service? 

Now you can have a profound impact on the dental industry!

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Dental Research Specialists membership panel is a community of thousands of dental professionals that want to have their voices heard, as well as share information back and forth on topics important to the industry. As a member, you’ll have access to the latest industry information and recent studies on relevant topics such as marketing, patient retention, operations, and so much more.

Panel membership is completely free! In fact, you can earn rewards for your opinion. Your time and knowledge is extremely valuable, and as such, when you become a member, we will occasionally invite you to participate in studies that allow you to earn Amazon Gift-Cards.

(All membership and participation is completely anonymous in accordance with ESOMAR and IMRO guidelines. See our terms and privacy policy for more details.)

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Influence the direction of dental manufacturers and distributors. Dental Research Specialists offers the latest industry knowledge so you can better serve your patients and increase business profitability.

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