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Improving Dentistry Together…

Most dentists go into the industry with the aspiration of helping patients maintain optimal oral health. Not only do dentists strive to improve the lives of those around them, but they exercise creativity in their line of work when they are met with challenges in the field. Dental manufacturers, distributors and service providers have the goal to help improve in-office challenges for dental professionals.

Most often, the question asked is, “How can we help improve dentistry for dental professionals?” Often, this question can only be answered by the dental professionals themselves.

But how can questions be answered in a simplified and effective manner…

Where We Turn Questions Into Answers…

At Dental Research Specialists, our mission is to provide dental companies with the opportunity to have the input from dentists, assistants, hygienists and office managers as a way to help them improve dentistry overall.

We have over 25 years of experience in dental marketing and research. Our team has supported manufacturers, distributors and service providers in launching over 150 new products in the dental professional market. We also have dental marketing experience to assist dental organizations in understanding customer expectations and market opportunities.

In addition, we’ve conducted more than 400 dental studies across almost every product category for such things as new product evaluations, market assessments, and new product concept testing. You can learn more about our case studies by visiting our — Case Studies Page —

Learn about our Dental Professional Panels

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Dental Research Specialists also offers a membership panel that is a community of thousands of dental professionals that want to have their voices heard. The Hygienist Collective and The Dentist Dispatch is a place where members can share information back and forth on topics relevant to the industry.

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