Sample and Free Goods Fulfillment

When a member of your sales team, or a client or prospect, needs product samples, there’s no time to waste. Does your business run extensive free good promotions and your existing channel does not have the ability to fulfill those free goods?

Your ability to get the right product sample to the right place at the requested time can be the difference between a success and failure.

Fielding requests for product sample fulfillment and free goods can translate into thousands of dollars and dozens of hours each month – time that you could be spending on other important aspects of managing your business.

If you are looking for an efficient way to provide product samples to your sales team, clients, or prospects, let MSG put years of distribution and warehouse management experience to work for you. We’ll make sure samples are sent on time, every time, and for less than the cost of managing the process in-house.

Our services begin with a customized website that will streamline the order process to save time for your sales team or your present distribution channel. In turn, this will improve your customers’ experience with more order accuracy and a significant cost savings. If you choose to accept phone orders, our high-touch call center will provide your sales staff and customers with excellent, prompt service.

Located in the heart of the Midwest, we can provide faster delivery and lower freight costs for you – anywhere in the country.
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