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It is not about designing a website; it is about assisting in expanding sales channels and business growth. MSG Minnesota Inc. has extensive experience in the design, build, implementation, and management of e-commerce websites. However, the real experience comes from understanding our clients’ business needs and assisting them in finding ways to expand their sales channels and grow their business. E-commerce interfacing is just one way to do that.

Large corporations or small start-ups, many of our clients do not have the internal resources available to expand their e-commerce channels. It is a strategic priority, but dedicated resources are not available.

Case Studies

Case Study #1
A large health care manufacturer wanted to expand reach beyond their present distribution channel and allow customers to go online and order products without having to take the time to contact distributors. As a result, MSG built a highly interactive e-commerce site so that customers can place orders, set up ongoing repeat shipments, as well as receive up-to-date promotions. Instead of transacting orders with the manufacturer, the website automatically transmits the orders to the distribution channel. The website design was important, but more importantly it is about understanding the strategic and tactical business objectives. The MSG team managed the design, built, and presently houses and manages the e-commerce system for our client.

Case Study #2
A consumer start-up needed a website for its new vitamin product. Resource constrained the management team wanted to focus on the sales and consumer aspects of the business and did want to worry about the “back end” logistics. MSG in conjunction with our partner IMAGEHAUS, designed the entire website branding, packaging, and customer ordering interface.

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