Pick/Pack and Fulfillment

MSG Minnesota Inc. has extensive experience in managing warehouse operations. Many of the team members were former owners or warehouse managers with health care distributors. The team presently manages pick, pack, and fulfill for multiple industries for product fulfillment, free goods, or literature for business-to-business or direct-to-consumer.

MSG’s primary site for its pick, pack, and fulfillment operations is located in the Midwest and is adjacent to a UPS regional shipping facility that allows for fast connection and delivery times to either coast. If orders are placed by 2:00 p.m. CST, shipments will leave the same day. The operation has the capability to ship either UPS or USPS.

Small or large, MSG can accommodate your requirements.


Case Study

An International manufacturer of medical devices for consumers wanted to expand operations into the United States but did not want to manage the order processing and pick, pack and fulfillment logistics. MSG implemented an end-to-end solution that included managing order processing, credit card processing, physician authorization, as well as pick, pack and fulfillment of products to consumers. This allowed the manufacturer to quickly develop a presence in the U.S. with minimal investment in supply chain logistics.

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