Channel Expansion

Does expanding your customer reach seem impossible?

  • Are you a start-up or small business and would rather spend capital and resources that focus on driving sales rather than back-end logistics?
  • Are you trying to expand your present reach beyond your present sales channels?
  • Are you moving from primarily “brick and mortar” to a combination strategy but do not have the resources to design and implement “E-commerce” capabilities?
  • Are you trying to integrate your field sales systems with your “E-commerce” technology to make it easier for you customers and field sales force?

Let us assist you the way we have assisted other companies with similar challenges.

Case Studies

A major Pharmaceutical company needed to enhance their field sales order processing interface and combine it with customers online ordering. We were there.

A consumer health care start-up needed a new website, order processing, and back-end fulfilment designed and managed. We were there.

An International specialty dental manufacturer needed a website, online order processing, warehousing, pick, pack and fulfillment of product to consumers within the U.S. We were there.

The Team

Our team has years of experience in distribution management, e-commerce program implementation from design through ongoing management, as well as front-line sales & marketing expertise. These core competencies, combined with our Customer Support Group, are unique capabilities that allow MSG to become a partner in expanding your customer reach.

MSG provides a full back-office suite of services that assists organizations in outsourcing part of their e-commerce effort.

Channel Expansion Services

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