Jay Miller

Brand and Website Creative Director

Jay Miller, Founder, President, and Creative Director of IMAGEHAUS, has been designing – in some form or another – since the ripe old age of eight. It started with renderings of the International Harvester on his Dad’s farm in Iowa. From there it blossomed into posters for grade school elections and playbills for high school drama club. Formalized at Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Jay took his skills into the corporate world as a graphic designer at Meredith Publishing, working on brands such as Better Homes & Gardens, Do It Yourself, and Country Home Magazine. From there, Jay spent the next 10 years directing Creative at a variety of national marketing and advertising agencies—including Periscope, Martin Williams, and FAME — as well as client-side as Creative Director at NordicTrack. Armed with this bevy of strategic and creative know-how, Miller started IMAGEHAUS in order to step away from the larger agency confines and create a design-centric marketing firm founded on the power of strategy + design focused on collaboration with clients, staff, vendors and other partners, with the end goal of driving business for clients.

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